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BubbleBum – Six Months on from Winning the Export Action Plan Competition

BubbleBum won the 8th Export Action Plan Competition in June 2018. We caught up with Sue Burns from BubbleBum to see how they’ve progressed with their export plans.

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You won the competition over six months ago now. How have your exports progressed in that time?

2018 was a super year for BubbleBum. Exports have doubled with a host of new retailers coming on board in our target territories, including Germany.

What impact did winning have? How have the prizes contributed?

The win gave our export plans to Germany a welcome boost, helping us fund marketing campaigns and a field trip in the latter part of the year. The PR was excellent and the support we received from the prize sponsors and fellow competitors was fantastic.

Looking back, you entered the competition multiple times, not making it to the final initially. How important is it to keep working on your plan?

The action plan process is very valuable, enabling small companies to work through the component parts necessary for successful exporting. Planning is critical to success, and perseverance will always pay off.

Are you still working on your plan today?

The action plan is a plan for continuous action! The plan is being executed with our marketing, logistics, finance and sales teams working hard to deliver our objectives.

What’s next for BubbleBum?

Expanding our sales channels and launching in new territories such as China will contribute to an exciting 2019.

What three tips would you give to SMEs looking to enter the next competition?

  •         Invest the time in setting out your action plan, it will pay off.
  •         Focus on your customer in your identified territory.
  •         Go for it!


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